Adult & Senior

Adult Pets

We believe that complete wellness care during your pet’s adult life is essential to living and sharing a long, happy and healthy life with you. A vital part of our adult wellness program is the physical exam. Many early abnormalities can be detected by a veterinarian during the physical exam, and early detection increases the ability for a successful outcome with treatment.

You can provide the most valuable information about your pet’s health, since you know your pet the best. You may notice changes that could be signs of a disease or illness. Make sure to mention any changes you have noticed during the exam.

Adult Wellness Recommendations

Senior Pets

Every pet’s needs are different. While many pets can live to be 15-20 years of age, most of our pet companions are considered seniors once they reach 7 years of age. Some of the giant breeds (Great Danes, Mastiffs and Saint Bernards for example) may be considered seniors at 5 years of age.

As our pets age, their health care needs should be adjusted to accommodate these changes. Just as in people, early detection is a critical part of senior pet care. Early detection is often the key to treating and managing disease so your pet can live a long, happy, pain free life. We’re dedicated to working with you to develop the appropriate senior wellness plan for you and your pet.

Senior Wellness Recommendations